Packaging – Inspiration

Environmentally friendly Packaging:

Using environmentally friendly packaging, I can make my bag without damaging anything, such as using some kind of fabric or recyclable source, then there is less bags made as they are getting re-used. Hand made bags could also be broken up and being reused to make other products. 

Paper bags, these could easily be reusable for other things and are easily made to recycle.

Recently some stores have been using environmentally friendly plastic bags, which has 40% made up of recycled material.

Also, recently some non-woven bags which are 100% recyclable have been added to stores, keeping up with being able to reuse.

Matsuri Hino (Artist)



This is work by Matsuri Hino, which is most likely made by first sketching this and scanning it and editing it on something such as Photoshop or Illustrator, all of these pieces are of works of characters face, all looking similar in the style she uses, I think Matsuri would sketch her work very briefly and edited all of it onto the computer or what not, I have choosen this example because of how doll-like the characters look and how overly big their eyes are, I think this is very beautiful as it brings more attention to the style of artwork that is used to create this. I also like the way the colour is used and how much white is actually on a characters face  – this is because they are making the picture very 3D. I really do like this artwork and would like to used it in my own work.  I think that this has a lot of potential because of how unique it is and how much it brings out this very different style of work.
This Manga art is used for comic purposes and uses these images of the characters easily brings out the personality of either of their expression, bringing out of what kind of character they are most likely to be likes by this piece.